DST Compressor Clubs…Teach Optimal Impact Position

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DST Compressor Wedge-2The biggest challenge in golf is striking the ball consistently. We’ve been told that impact is the moment of truth in the swing…it determines distance and accuracy. To be consistent you need to reach the “optimal impact position” every time you swing the club. Many golfers aren’t aware of optimal impact position; most don’t reach it consistently; some never reach it. So what is this “optimal impact position” and how does one achieve it? It’s been said, “The secret of golf is to have a delayed strike or lag impact where hands lead the club face through impact, maintaining control over the club face and compressing the ball at impact.” Easier said than done!

Contrary to the conventional set-up position used by most golfers—hands behind the line of tension and shaft pointing toward belt DSTCompressor_400x300buckle, extensive analysis has shown the best ball strikers in history start from an address position with hands slightly ahead of the ball, which replicates their impact position. This set-up simplifies the swing by eliminating unnecessary movements, ensuring optimal impact position.

Delayed Strike Technology Compressor Clubs, developed by former tour player Bertie Cordle, enable golfers to locate, train and perfect the optimal impact position. The CompressorClubsCompressor Warm-Up Clubs feature a scientifically curved shaft engineered to mirror the shape of a normal shaft in its optimal impact position. The curved shaft combined with its wide, flat sole angle and Hand Position Alignment Marker (white line that runs at an angle down the front of the hosel and along the leading groove on the club face), enables you to locate the forward-shaft lean set-up position, which replicates the optimal impact position. Practicing with these clubs will develop muscle memory of address position and optimal movement through impact.

Available in wedge and 8-iron models, DST Compressor clubs are the first clubs to utilize delayed strike technology to help golfers master optimal impact promoting improvement and consistency for all normal shots…chip, pitch or full shot. www.dstgolf.com

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