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Coming “over the top” is another phrase used by golfers who hit the ball while the majority of their weight is on the back foot. It is impossible to control the shot if the ball is hit while coming “over the top.” In order to hit a solid shot with distance and accuracy, the golfer must hit down on the ball, which can only be accomplished if the golfer’s weight is on the left foot at the time of impact. The Pin High Pro can help establish muscle memory in starting the down swing with the lower body. Starting the down swing with the lower body and instinctively getting to the left side will help eliminate those dreaded “over the top ” shots.

Talk to any golf teaching professional and they will tell you that getting to the left side is one of the most important aspects of the golf swing. And they will also tell you that getting to the left side is one of the hardest for the golfer to master.  Pin High Pro is a golf swing training aid that beeps as you shift your weight to the left side at the exact right time. And using Pin High Pro to practice this essential shift will reinforce critical rhythm and timing and help eliminate several distracting swing thoughts.

The perfect golf swing requires athleticism and flexibility and timing. Your body must be trained to move in a specific way to hit the perfect shot. Certain steps in this training should be consistent, like shifting your lower body weight from the right to the left, commonly called getting to the left side.  Pin High Pro is a patent pending golf swing training aid that beeps at the exact the time your weight shifts to your left foot. Using Pin High Pro to practice this essential shift will reinforce critical rhythm and timing and help eliminate several distracting swing thoughts.  Pin High Pro is portable and weighs about one pound, allowing for easy transport between your home, office or favorite driving range. At the range, you can hit several balls using Pin High Pro, then simply step off and hit several more, enabling you or your coach to monitor your swing progress.



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