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dead-zeroEvery time I speak to someone about their game they constantly talk about their swing and very rarely mention their short game. Putting in particular is the most important skill to shoot lower scores and must be practiced for hours on end to truly reach your scoring potential. With that said, let’s take a look at the new Dead Zero Putting Disk Pro Model and determine if it’s a one putt or a three putt training aid!

The Claim: Like the original Dead Zero Putting Disk the pro model is smaller than the hole to increase accuracy and overall confidence. Based on research the size of the disk is designed so every putt that strikes it will fall in a regulation-sized hole. The pro model putting aid now features a bubble level so that golfers can determine the slope and read the proper fall line while practicing on the green or charting out hole locations for a competitive event.

The Test: I used the DZPD Pro at numerous courses both on the practice green and out on the course. On the practice green I first began putting at the disk in a circle at various lengths and determined my breaks using the bubble level. From there I practice lags all over the green paying close attention to the last 3 to 8 feet of break using the level as well. On the course I actually placed the disk in the hole using the level to read slope at the hole along. I also placed it in different spots of the green stroking putts and hitting chips to the disk for future reference.

The Verdict: On the practice green I quickly learned the speed to roll my putts into the disk and also noticed that my lags were all inside 3 feet almost every time. On the course I putted better than I have all season, yes I used the disk to determine putts sometimes but for the most part I noticed that I felt as if I was going to pour every putt in the back of the hole. It was as if I was listening for the ding that the Dead Zero Putting Disk makes each time the ball strikes it. Although I was not preparing for a tournament I definitely noticed the benefit for either charting out hole locations or slopes for approach shots. One of the courses I played more than once and felt much more confident with where to land the ball on the green. In that particular round my shots were closer and my missed greens were in high percentage up and down locations.

In my book the Dead Zero Putting Disk Pro model is a must have for every golfer because we all need to make more putts and the only way to do so is through repetition to breed confidence. If I were you I would quit complaining about too many three putts and go spend the $29.95 for more one putts!

golf-training-aidsIf you would like your training aid reviewed or have a suggested tool to look at for consideration in Sampson’s Spotlight please email Why not be in this season? To order the Dead Zero Putting Disk, please click here. Enter code NEGMFREE for free shipping.

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