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Putting Stroke TeacherThe Claim: The Putting Stroke Teacher (PST) is a training aid designed to assist golfers to learn, practice and improve the three fundamentals that all great putters in the game posses. The fundamentals that the PST aids golfers of any ability with are forearm alignment, stroke path and one piece stoke. The PST adjusts to fit any golfer’s physical build, posture and shaft plane angle while providing a realistic feeling to each putting stroke where an error or proper stroke can be felt easily allowing the golfer to improve their skills faster.

The Test: I tested the aid indoors and outdoors using my own putter to practice short and long putts. I then had golfers of different abilities and physical builds practice with the PST. We all practiced together hitting the same putts for the same amount of times. We even used the PST to practice simple bump and run chips with a 7-iron. Did we become our own Stroke Teachers?

The Verdict: The Putting Stoke Trainer was very easy for everyone to install on their putter to fit his or her body type and posture at setup. The biggest improvement was in forearm alignment and wrist hinging as the aid automatically sets your forearms level to the slope of the ground and square to the aim line. Also because the PST sets golfers hands in a more upright position, wrist movement decreased.

Finally, we all noticed a more fluid stroke for a simple putt or event bump and run as the core muscles of our body and not fast twitch muscles were now moving our arms throughout the stroke. My recommendation is to come out of your pocket to teach yourself a better stroke as we all now the saying drive for show, putt for dough!

Visit GolfTrainingAids.com and search for “Putting Stroke Teacher.”

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