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Generally golfers, to put it mildly, dislike northern winters. It’s usually cold and snowy which precludes playing the game they love plus those months of inactivity mean those first swings of spring are… well, you know.The solution of course is to winter in a warmer climate but reality being what it is, that’s impractical except for maybe short trips. So what’s the solution? A good choice is to do some work on your swing in front of a crackling fire with training aids that can be used indoors. The ones we describe here are by no means the only on the market but each has been shown to have proven value so that when the robin’s sing your swing does too.


Extra 20 YardsTo use The Extra 20 Yards is simple, make a golf swing. The pulley, cable and weight arrangement provides resistance during the downswing and strengthens your muscles particularly in the arms and shoulders; just what you need to hit it longer…maybe even that extra 20 yards. There several neat features such as the pivoted pulley at the top keeps you on the correct swing plane and The Extra 20 Yards may be used by left or right handed players. An excellent idea is to use it first one way then switch to the other so both sides get a work out. The weights are neither too heavy nor too light resulting in a good work out without straining. It mounts almost any place (garage, deck area, basement, etc.) and the makers say great results come from only using it a few minutes a day. The Extra 20 Yards is available at for $299 plus shipping.

Orange Whip TrainerOrange Whip proves you don’t need a hi-tech device to help your golf swing. This weighted super whippy shafted trainer weighs under two pounds but a few minutes swing it each day produces the muscle memory needed for a balanced in-tempo swing. Most golfers swing too quickly and “come over the top” on the down swing. The Orange Whip teaches rhythm and patience which translate into more club head speed which produces longer consistent shots. An added benefit is using the Orange Whip also strengthens the body core plus really helps with overall flexibility. It’s $109 at

Golf Gym Power Swing TrainerGolf Gym Power-Swing Trainer is elastic tubing for stretching and strength building that can increase your flexibility and help with making a better rotation during the swing; keys to longer and more accurate shots. The PowerSwing Trainer may be used out-of-doors or indoors but many find it especially useful in the winter for maintaining and even increasing golfing muscles when there is no chance to play. Each box comes with a PowerCord (you can order from a choice of 3 resistance levels), a right or left hand grip (your choice), a DVD to show the proper exercises with instruction booklet and a carry bag. Golf Gym says there are 23 different exercises you can do with the PowerSwing Trainer. The price is $34.95 at golf shops and several online stores. Golf Gym Products.

TaylorMade TR3 Speed SleeveThe TaylorMade TR3 Speed Sleeve isn’t going to make you rich or better-looking or divine the Powerball winning numbers; it is however one of those clever ideas that will help your golf game. At 14 inches long it fits around the shaft of a golf club, any golf club and gives the benefits of a weighted club for stretching and getting your swing in the groove. However the Speed Sleeve also has a couple of other benefits that make it even more worthwhile considering. You can hit balls with it so when the snow finally melts you have the option of practicing with a weighted club that’s actually one of your own clubs. It’s convenient and portable – fitting in your bag to take along anywhere. The benefits of swinging a weighted club are many and start with the positives of stretching before a round while building your strength through repetition. We like the Speed Sleeve as a chipping and putting trainer. Adding the 228 gram weight to a wedge or putter now is great for learning how to banish deadly “flippy wrist” pitches or chips. The same is true for taking the wrists out of a putting stroke and teaching the proper use of the shoulders. Suggested retail price for the TaylorMade TR3 Speed Sleeve is $29.95. Buy the TaylorMade TR3 Speed Sleeve.

Thumb CaddieThumb Caddie is more practical than the old “reminder-grip” since you can hit balls with it and regardless of the style grip used, be it the Vardon or interlocking or ten fingers. The Thumb Caddie positions the left thumb (for a right handed player) properly on the top of the shaft. To use it just spread it apart, slide it on to the shaft over the lower part of the grip aligning the arrow on the Thumb Caddy and it’s in place. Easy to install or remove and use. It may not make you the next Hogan or Nicklaus but it will show you how to correctly place you hands which is the start of a good swing. Thumb Caddy is $7.99 or in three-pac with an instructional $19.95 at or (781)-828-7747. 

Tour Angle 144

Tour Angle 144 consists of a plastic arm with a curved channel on one end and a rubber-tipped prong on the other. Using it couldn’t be simpler, place the end with channel between the third and fourth fingers of the left hand, grip with the right hand, address the ball and position the wrists so the rubber prong just touches the left forearm. Then make a swing keeping the prong in contact with the forearm until the club is about waist high. On the downswing the rubber prong again touches the left forearm at about waist high and stays there through contact to waist high on the follow through. The Tour Angle 144 does at least two good things. First it promotes the proper address position specifically the relationship between the arms and the club shaft. Secondly by maintaining contact on the backswing it ensures the fabled “one-piece takeaway” every player should have to hit the ball squarely. A key feature is, unlike other training aids, the Tour Angle 144 is not attached to the club or the arm, staying in place by normal grip pressure making it quick and easy to use and switch from club to club. It can be used with other training aids since it does force you into certain positions and quite possibly willincrease the effectiveness of the other devices. On the web at $29.95 with a training DVD included.

Altus Forearm FlexorThe Altus Forearm Flexor is more a body building training device but in fact it works for anyone who needs stronger wrists and forearms such as required for a powerful golf swing. The Flexor has adjustable tension of the steel spring with lots of padding so it can be used watching the Patriots on television or most any where. It is small so its convenient to carry with you and it will make your forearms stronger. Just $14.99 at online or big box sporting goods stores. Buy the Altus Forearm Flexor

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