Bryan Morry Enjoys Gridiron and Golf Greatness

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There are few people with a more personal stake in the New England Patriots decade-plus run of success than Bryan Morry. From 1997 until 2005, he was a writer, editor, and host for Patriots Football Weekly (PFW),, and the PFW television show. This work catapulted Morry to multimedia popularity, and eventually, a regular sports radio gig at The Score AM/FM in Providence. In 2007, Morry returned to Foxboro as Executive Director of The Hall at Patriots Place. He truly has seen all sides of a dynasty, and golf has been along for the ride.

“I started playing in the 9th grade in Warwick at Seaview Country Club,” says Morry, a BU grad who grew up in Rhode Island and now lives on Cape Cod. “My friends and I would go in the morning and play 27 or 36 holes. I had one 30-minute lesson about five or six years ago. I learned a lot about weight shift and tempo, but it really is about how often you play.”

With his eclectic schedule, Morry’s golf game takes a back seat to fatherhood and career. He relates, “Last year, I hardly played at all. This fall, I might get out there ten times. My son Alex is 13 and plays on his Middle School team. He gets to plays some great courses.”

The 41-year-old Morry also has two daughters, Ella, 10, and Samantha, 8. His media career has made for some interesting golf partners. “I played in a lot of Patriots’ charity tournaments when I was with PFW. A lot of NFL players play golf and they are really competitive. If they are not good, they will get good really quickly because they work at it.”

Morry, himself, has a competitive history with the game. He explains, “When I was younger, I used to throw my clubs farther than I would hit the ball. At some point, I decided that I would never be really good and I should just enjoy it. Now, I make fun of people who get mad. My goal is to use the same ball for an entire round and break 90.”

This positive outlook has led Morry to some great New England courses. “I love Old Barnstable and Willowbend,” he relates. “The Ocean Course (New Seabury) has five holes right on the water and the back nine is really fun. Newport Country Club beat the crap out of me. My golf bucket list includes Augusta, Pebble Beach, and TPC Norton.”

As for personal golf highlights, Morry details a memorable one. “I was playing a charity tournament at Colonial in Wakefield. The 8th hole was a par 5. I really drove it and got a good bounce. I went after the ball and didn’t see it. I figured there was no way I could hit it that far. When I got in the clubhouse, they told me I won the longest drive. I was surrounded by Lyndon Byers and other big, tough hockey players, so it was quite a feat.”

For Morry, great moments are the rule as his rise in media coincided with the Patriots’ rise to NFL royalty. He explains, “The first three years I was there, the Patriots’ record got steadily worse, then they won three out of four Super Bowls. Morry is the co-author of “Patriots United – The New England Patriots World Championship Season,” chronicle of the team’s 2001 season. That year remains a standout. “I remember the team plane ride home after beating Carolina in the final game of the regular season,” says Morry. “We were all on edge monitoring the Jets-Raiders game. The whole plane erupted with applause when we heard that the Jets won giving us a first round bye. I was able to live through the beginnings of the Patriots dynasty. Now, I can talk to people about it at the Hall at Patriot Place.”

Morry enjoys interacting with people at a more relaxed venue where fans are not upset about a call or arguing about football. He similarly cherishes his more subdued golf moments. “I enjoy playing by myself, and there is nothing better than going to the range. I work on my grip and my stance. I imagine myself playing a particular course or hole and how I will approach it. It is a real pleasure.”

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