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Many golf apparel companies have a mantra along the lines of look good, feel good, play good.  Sounds so simple until choosing what to buy and the complicated descriptions of technology versus natural fibers, which accessories are necessary for weather changes, and worrying about your overall appearance. All shirts have a function, a design, a style, and a certain way of performing, we must sift through the slogans to figure out what is at the core of the brand’s apparel. The key is prioritizing three categories Design Differences, Climate Control, and Style Statements, to your personal preferences in a way so you know what is most important to you. If you don’t know where to start, think about your favorite apparel worn most often and figure out why.

Design Differences

Design Differences are the first category and in this case, we are not referring to a pattern but rather the overall design of the shirt. Do you prefer a certain cut, feel, sleeve length, does it matter to you the seams of the shirt or where the tags and logos are located, or is a shirt just a shirt?

Martin Golf

When purist Rick Martin speaks with his cheerful, thick Dallas accent, it is evident that he is passionate for quality products, especially golf apparel. Two years ago, Martin received a call from his daughter Teresa, convincing him, “Most of the industry has moved toward technical performance fabrics, and natural fiber apparel is no longer available. We really need you to come back.” For Martin, too much modern golf apparel has strayed from the traditional path to which he adheres.

“I remember watching last year’s U.S. Open, looking at the tour players competing for the win, and being struck by the contrived look of their outfits,” recalls Martin. “The outfits had such a ‘costume’ feel, and also a stifling uniformity. Each piece clearly designed to be worn only with pieces from the same collection. It’s great for TV but not my foursome.” Martin, with 40 years experience in the garment industry, retired from his former company Fairway and Greene a few years back, agreed to return to the golf fashion industry. Frustrated with the feeling of polyester on his skin and knowing many club members share his sophisticated preference. Martin’s focus is not the nuances of trends rather his premise is the customer that wants a high quality shirt all the time, that works well with everything else in his closet.

“My idea of golf fashion is rooted in watching legends like Byron Nelson and Ben Hogan – gentlemen who always looked well put together, but never contrived. To that end, my goal is to create elegant, stylish but versatile garments that are related, but can be worn with anything. This, in addition to my commitment to using only natural fibers – no synthetics, no pieced-together garments – is one of the cornerstones of what Martin Golf Apparel is all about.”

The 2012 collections are perfect illustrations of Martin Golf Apparel’s ability and commitment to blend timelessness and tradition. The British Regimental Collection, for Old Scotsman himself Martin always loved the British heraldries, employs a color palette inspired by vintage military uniforms, backed up by and blended with distinctive clarifying colors with bold crimson and dark navys. In keeping with Martin’s commitment to ensuring that no garment in the 2012 line is restricted to its own collection, Martin takes special pride in the way pieces from the British Regimental collection can be paired with those of the Charcoal Classics Collection. This collection features many of the same colors, but highlights them with Light and Dark Charcoal shades to create a natural contrast mélange that illuminates light and dark fabrics. Finally, the Vineyard Collection specializes in natural earth-like tones of sand, sunflower, plum, and tangerine.

With their commitment to tradition, all-natural fibers and colors, and selling exclusively in just the finest private golf clubs, we’re ensuring that their customers can benefit from the latest results of our ongoing quest for perfection – results that truly live up to the standards of Martin’s product design that being ‘as Timeless As The Game’.”  For more information on Martin Golf Apparel, visit them at



Ladies let’s face it, we’re beautiful so we want apparel to accentuate our body types. New this spring from Catwalk Performance Artwear is excited to debut the Relaxed Fit as an option for some of their shirts. They have the same Catwalk styling, the same curves to emphasize the waist, with a little more room in the bust and hip area. This Spring Catwalk features three fresh new collections: The Navy Lime, the Black and White and the Black and Yellow. You don’t have to be a Wiz to know black and yellow are a great combination for when you roll up to the greens.

We never get caught walking around drenched in sweat like some guys would. It doesn’t mean we aren’t as athletic, we just use tactics to avoid it. Catwalk Artwear is attire you feel can comfortable and stylish in all day. One tactic Catwalk uses is shirts with two layers of fabric, plus a built in support to hide chest sweat. Same with their bottom skorts, built with an extra layer underneath. Playing golf with clients at Newport National in Rhode Island one morning, time constrained me from changing for a corporate outing in Newport but still fit right in with a business casual environment. Or maybe you’re foursome is planning on having a nice lunch with the ladies after your game, but your busy schedule will not allow for time to shower and change in the locker room.

Catwalk Performance Artwear is the brainchild of artist and golfer Lauren Demerling and business partner Sima Anvari. Debuting in 2006, their vision was to create a women’s line that not only celebrated the female form, but was as comfortable as it was practical. Check out the entire line at and to purchase visit

Climate Control

Climate Control is the next category due to the facts that some people sweat more than others, some don’t mind walking around in the rain, some people want to be tanned, and others want to stay out of the sun. If you are the type of person that wears just a t-shirt all year long, chances are you are not sensitive to this category. Define how sensitive you are to your surrounding elements and plan your wardrobe accordingly.


Iconic Sport

Leslie Chow is an extremely intelligent and talented engineer whose company Iconic Sport continues to sell out of her popular designs. The apparel is engineered to enhance golf performance with design features such as shoulder ease for unrestricted movement during the golf swing, a trim waistline fit to avoid interference when putting, ContourFit™ length contouring, and functional pockets at the right height, cut to the right depth. All of our bottoms have rear scorecard pockets. Their cargo pocket accommodates balls, tees and tools during the round but lies flat after the round because of its center gusset pleat. Iconic maximizes the tremendous advances in fabric technology with resilient stretch and recovery fabrics to accommodate the golf swing and avoid excess material which means no more baggy knees, sagging backside or baggy shirts that catch on the putter, as well as moisture management perspiration wicking for hot days, UV protection and anti-microbial/anti-odor finishes. Perhaps the most important feature of the apparel is the 50+ UV protection for those who should avoid sun exposure but still love to play golf. Their sunsleeves are perfect for a lightweight protection against the sun on hot days.

Iconic believes in using quality materials, thoughtful design, careful construction and high quality finish detail. Manufactured in the San Francisco Bay Area and dedicated to maintaining high quality standards, good working conditions and to keeping our team and our customers happy. Made of micro-polyester, they select their production partners for quality, not for the lowest cost. Iconic Sport apparel is designed to be stylish, appropriate on the course, and around town. Design for sophisticated style, their concept is clean, unfussy, with a great fit plus trim, textile and detail interest. It is all in the balance of fun textile designs and colors, and fresh design details. However comfort is the most important factor when designing the apparel. They are attentive to seam placement, fabric feel, wicking, temperature regulation, stretch and recovery to maintain sizing through the round and throughout the day as well as golf-specific performance.

Style Statements

The Style Statements last but not least category referring to whether you lean towards bold expressions or simplistic looks. There is something to be said about style points, from the way a great shot was made to the accessories that tie the look together. As long as you reflect your personal style, you will feel comfortable, and the better you feel, the better you play.


Travis Mathew

Travis Mathew congratulated Bubba Watson on becoming the 2012 Masters Champion and provided matching Travis Mathew championship outfit for his son Caleb, complete with a mini green jacket. They have sold out of their 100 Limited Edition “The Masters” packages, worn by Bubba Watson all four rounds at Augusta. This was the first installment of the “Travis Mathew and Bubba Watson Grand Slam Drive for Charity” in conjunction with “Bubba and Friends Drive to a Million.”100% of the proceeds made from these limited edition pieces are donated directly to Fresh Start, an organization that provides cosmetic reconstructive surgery for children with physical defects or disabilities. Additionally, because of your unwavering support and due to the fact that TM sold out of the 100 Masters packages, an additional $50,000 will be donated to the City of Hope, a California based cancer research center housing one of the nation’s top independent biomedical, treatment and education institutions!

The Travis Mathew line attracted attention immediately with their stylish statements and outfit about ten professional tour players. Travis Mathew is a fresh and progressive brand of golf apparel that features an exclusive line of lifestyle wear and accessories. Based in Southern California, the company has evolved to meet the demands of today’s active consumer by blending style, function, performance and innovative design. Inspired by fashion, sports, music, and art, the Travis Mathew brand is an expression of the lifestyles inherent to its Southern California roots. Reflecting the brand’s vision of consistently providing diversity for an industry choked with homogenized styles and fits, Travis Mathew’s unique theme was long overdue in the golf-apparel market. Made from quality materials, their polo shirts are 60% pima cotton and 40% polyester creating a blend between comfort and technology. It is available at Golfers Warehouse and


Birdy & Grace

Maria Laura Elvira has been sporting Birdy & Grace since 2010. A top Argentine golfer from Buenos Aires, Maria Laura has won numerous championships in South America, currently making her mark on the Futures Tour and frequently a commentator on Golf Channel (Latin America). She recently said, “Birdy & Grace changed my golf image and I love it. Because of it’s unique and fun style, I feel younger and always in fashion.”

Jane Park, LPGA joined the Birdy & Grace team in 2009. As a 16 year-old Jane reached the finals of the U.S. Women’s Amateur Championship and the following year to the finals of the U.S. Girls’ Junior Championship. She later won the U.S. Women’s Amateur Championship. During her first full year on the LPGA Tour, Jane finished 29th on the money list with four top-10 finishes including ties for second at the SBS Open at Turtle Bay and P & G NW Arkansas Championship. Jane continues to shine on the Ladies Tour (T9 for eagles!) and always looks great in Birdy & Grace. “I love Birdy & Grace because of the vibrant colors they use in their extremely fashionable clothes that are very comfortable as well!”

“I am a huge fan of their new riding pant styletrouser for golf. They actually give shape to awomans lower half but without looking inappropriate or as if your wearing your lululemon yoga pants” says Win McMurry, Sportscaster/Writer and Birdy & Grace’s Industry Spokesperson.



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