Tough Lies Get Easier With The RAKE WEDGE

Posted in 2015 PGA Show, Golf Products, Wedges and Putters by on March 4th, 2015

If you struggle with sand shots or chipping out of thick rough, then the Rake Wedge will help take the mystery out of those difficult short-game shots. The Rake Sand and Lob Wedges, from PNP Golf, have a unique design that help you get the ball up in a controlled and powerful manner.

These game-changing wedges feature a patented Dual Bounce Rail design…a sole with a series of rails and channels, which help the wedge drive through sand and rough with less surface area being caught during the strike; thus increasing acceleration. The rails rake_face_lrgstabilize the club head at impact reducing twisting and turning while improving control and accuracy. Its distinct On-Set Leading Edge enters the hitting area sooner than a standard wedge, creating a higher angle of attack, making it easier to launch the ball in the air with crisp contact from a variety of tough lies…fluffy/wet sand, hard pan, thick/wet rough and tight lies. The undercut cavity back is designed to provide forgiveness on off-center shots.

Sand_Lt_medThe 56-degree Rake Sand Wedge, which features a 26-degree rail entry bounce and 10-degree sole bounce is advantageous especially for high handicappers. If you’re one who messes up sand shots because you either take too much sand or not enough, this wedge will take the guess work out of it. The Rake Sand Wedge’s offset rails support an open Lob_Std_medface, setting up easily at the correct angle, gliding smoothly through sand, creating more acceleration, and popping that ball out of the bunker with a soft landing on the green. Dread no more that short chip shot from thick turf around the green. The 60-degree Rake Lob Wedge, with its square rail design, will easily promote a straight flop shot.

The Rake Wedges are available in standard/light head weights, with a choice of stiff/ regular stainless steel or uni-flex graphite shafts. Approved by the USGA.

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