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Have you ever gone to a trade show and stumbled onto the booth that claims to have the answer to all your ailments. I guess we all at one time or another, have been in this position and I guess we all feel pretty much the same way, there has to be a catch, right! Well I think this is true in almost all cases. Recently I was at the National Golf Expo in Boston for our annual season launch of New England Golf Monthly. As I turned the corner on one of the isles I ran into a young man who asked me if I had balance. I was pretty confident I did have fairly good balance (after almost a year of Yoga) so I took his simple test.

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Focus Pure Energy

He had me stand with my feet together and went through a series of balance test first without and then with his Pure Energy Band on. It was clear that with the band on it was easier. Some of my colleagues laughed when the saw the band on my right wrist and had there say, my thoughts were this.

Pure Energy Bands do work, maybe not for everyone but that is a universal truth with almost everything. After wearing the band for the entire weekend at the National Golf Expo and spending 12 hours on my feet on concrete floors all day long I hurt less, much less than previous years. In addition I slept better over the last 3 nights than I have slept in a long time. Not saying it was all because of the energy band. So here are my conclusions: For the price if this wrist band just reminds to be more balanced, rest better, watch my addictions, stay strong and eat better and keep my weight down than it’s a great deal to say the least. Click here and try it for yourself and let me know what you think.

Pure Energy Bands Restore the body’s electrical balance

The Pure Energy Band has been imbedded with natural occurring frequencies that restores your body’s electrical balance, promoting a free exchanges of positive and negative ions and that can align our body’s energy pathways, very similar to the effects from acupuncture and acupressure.

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Smoking Band

Our Body is Full of Electrical Impulses

Everyone’s body is essentially a complex set of electro-chemical processes, a series of organic chemicals generating electro-magnetic energy. 
Our bodies work on a series of electrical impulses that travel up and down through the body. This is the process of how our body communicates.

Every persons body has an electrical field.

Internal factors such as stress, illness and injury as well as external factors such as proximity to natural and man-made electrical forces, like cellular phones, computers, and other electronics can interfere with our electrical communication. 
The ideal human frequency, called the Schumann Resonating Frequency (SRF), is approximately 7.8 hertz. This is the frequency that our bodies should be communicating at. The natural occurring frequencies can help the body communicate better, which allow the body to perform better.

Pure Energy band = Immediate Results…

Unlike many other ionic, copper, titanium, or stainless steel bands, the Pure Energy bands begin to work almost instantly, restoring optimal electro-magnetic balance and promoting free flowing energy pathways… 
The benefits from the Pure Energy Band may be increased energy, strength and balance. It can also aid in relieving aches and pain and help get a better nights sleep. 
When the body communicates better, the body performs better, period!

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Weight Loss Band

More Technology Information!

Pure Energy Bands use a new based upon the combination of energetic and informational frequency balancing. This technology communicates with the meridians of the body which may provide a variety of health benefits. 
We insert hologram discs which have been embedded with frequencies which can help balance your body to its most ideal levels. This energetic therapy system we use embeds the hologram discs with an energetic frequency using light, sound, electricity, and magnetism. This new bioenergetic therapy can help the human body by frequency balancing based on informational feedback from the client wearing the band. The broadcasting of these frequencies across the meridians of the human body has shown to provide some incredible benefits.

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